NYSeed Launches in Philly

NYSeed & Chef Harold have teamed up to fuse food justice, youth-driven social entrepreneurialism and civic leadership under an educational philosophy that highlights Neumann Goretti’s deep history, unique positioning and progressive attitude. This new curriculum provides students with robust job skills for sustainable industries into the future.

Social entrepreneurialism is taking off in Philadelphia with schools, institutions, markets, urban gardens, and startup food businesses coalescing to enhance a greening economy. By becoming a part of this exciting movement, students from Neumann Goretti stand to gain a stronger connection to the source of their food, ultimately leading to a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle. They will also understand the science and economics behind the food industry, thus cracking the door to a wealth of innovative and socially oriented careers. There has never been a better time to engage young people on the topic.

The curriculumn provides experiential instruction to Neumann Goretti students on topics that feature urban agriculture, culinary arts, hospitality, civic duty & social entrepreneurialism. These project-based engagements inspire durable personal agency for our youth within the respective food systems that every life depends on. Farm-to-Table products, new kitchen technologies, and exciting culinary techniques are explored, tested, and learned over the duration of the course. Students tackle the complex approach of socially conscious business through a Planet to Plate perspective. Planet stresses the principles of regenerative food movements while Plate highlights food as a binding community agent. When combined, they set the stage to bring people together in local environments where student-led social entrepreneurialism engages with the community for ongoing projects that improve consumption consciousness. With this in mind, students explore new ventures while solving real-time entrepreneurial problems, including project management, operations, budgeting, marketing, fundraising and compliance.

After growing edible seeds, herbs, and vegetables in their hydroponic classrooms, students plan, prepare, and host guests to a supper club style event that incorporates their harvest. This student-led fundraiser is a culmination of their explorations applied to civic duty and community engagement. Students develop a theme for the event with the goal of raising funds for their cause of choice within the community. Promoting the event builds additional skills such as research, copywriting, documentation, graphic design, and storytelling, while the teamwork aspect of this course grows students’ social-emotional competence and organizational abilities.

In collaboration with South Philadelphia’s community and the city at large, NYSeed & Chef Harold are committed to realizing a new age of civic engagement for students of Neumann Goretti.